Golden Yarrow Landscape Design, Consulting, Mentoring
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The elements of serenity, excitement, and mystery combine to make the gardens of your dreams.
    Imagine and create...

  • Beauty around your home
  • A place for quiet meditation
  • A path into the woods
  • An entrance to your yard
  • A source of food, flowers, and herbs
  • A memorial
  • And much more!

The Golden Yarrow Philosophy

Gardens are magical spaces, places where you can create beauty, connect with your soul, feel the Earth, grow healthful food, and change your life. All Golden Yarrow practices are organic, using and teaching techniques and skills that promote the health of the earth and your family.

Design, Mentoring, and Consulting

Golden Yarrow's services are design to assist you in discovering and achieving the most from your space. We encourage you to discover more about our services, or read stories and testimonials of past clients.

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Sophia Bonnie Wodin