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    About Golden Yarrow

Sophia Bonnie Wodin, proprietor of Golden Yarrow, has been a garden designer and mentor of organic gardening and landscaping since 1986. Her commitment to steward the land can connect you with your yard, your place on Earth.

Golden Yarrow grew out of Sophia's desire to work with the land beyond the boundary of home gardening. After a series of apprenticeships starting with the fundamentals of sustainable, organic practices and ending with Elsa Bakalar, an author and English perennial garden designer, she designed and installed landscapes, maintaining a few treasured yards with her well-trained crew. She has been a garden columnist for more than 18 years and taught horticulture and design for 7 years through local nurseries, garden centers, and centers of adult education.

Now Sophia is expanding her services to highlight Garden Mentoring. Through the Mentor Program, Sophia will come to your yard, answer your questions and teach you how to garden organically. Sophia works with clients in agricultural zone 4 (minimum winter temperature of 25°F/-32°C) through zone 7 (minimum winter temperature of 5-0°F/-15°C).

Sophia brings her love and connection with the Green Kingdom to your yard.

    Sophia can be reached in a variety of ways:
  • in London, Ontario at: 519-434-0813
  • in Heath, Massachusetts at: 413-337-5529
  • by email at:

Thank you for visiting,

Sophia Bonnie Wodin