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What is Garden Mentoring?

Engaging a Garden Mentor is like having the gardening lessons you missed when you were young. It is the opportunity to have your personal tutor working with you in your own yard, answering your questions and teaching you how to grow the yard you want.

Garden Mentoring is the opportunity to learn how to garden in your own yard. Do you want to grow vegetables, beautiful flowers, beautify your home, or make an outdoor play yard for the kids? Once upon a time we learned to garden from a neighbor or favorite aunt, or from chores we were given - today not all of us are so lucky.

Mentoring sessions are 3, 4, or 6 hours. A series of sessions will take you through a project from design to completion. We begin by defining your goals, determining what you want to accomplish. During the sessions you will learn the skills you need to accomplish your goals. Between sessions you and your family will practice the techniques and strategies you learned.

Why Choose Sophia Bonnie Wodin for your Garden Mentor?

A strong believer in learning by doing, Sophia brings her skill and expertise to you, empowering you to take ownership of your yard. A session with Sophia can give you the practical, hands-on experience to work and build the soil, maximize or reduce water use, use tools efficiently, practice low impact gardening techniques, and choose low maintenance plant stock to enhance your garden's ecosystem. She will answer your questions and guide you in establishing and maintaining your yard in keeping with your available time, interest in gardening, and your family's needs, and lifestyle.

Thank you for visiting,

Sophia Bonnie Wodin