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Golden Yarrow offers a variety of services to help you get the most from your space.

Garden Mentoring

Bonnie will work with you in your yard teaching low-maintenance techniques, organic practices enhancing your gardening experience.

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Sophia will accompany you through your yard as you describe your dreams, needs, and available time for - and enjoyment of - gardening. She will offer concrete solutions for specific garden issues. A consultation can involve an overview of your yard, or focus on specific areas. A typical consultation lasts about 90 minutes. It can lead to negotiating a design, mentoring, or give suggestions for the next steps you need to continue working on your own.


Following a consultation, Sophia be available to design a specific plan for your yard or individual gardens. These plans can be as simple as sketches with suggested plant choices, or as complete as a detailed map of your site with a simply bound narrative on plant choices, alternative choices, and care plans. A design can lead to mentoring sessions or to you completing the work on your own with or without additional consultations.

Installation and Maintenance

If you prefer to hire professionals to install the design you commission from Bonnie, whenever possible, she will connect you with trained professionals, and oversee the work. She can connect you with supplies and plant stock.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of a Garden Mentoring Session or Garden Consultation! Contact Sophia to negotiate the gift you want to give.

Classes, Workshops, and Lectures

Sophia will visit your club, group, or business to give a talk on sustainable gardening, or do a hands-on workshop. Subjects range from Gardening for Season-Long Color; Using Vegetables and Fruits in your Landscape; Design Strategies; Shade Gardening; Fabulous Foliage; and more. Hands-on workshops include: Dividing Perennials; Creating Easy Garden Beds; Low-impact Gardening; and more.

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