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Heidi and Steve R.

Heidi, Steve and their 3 year old have lived in a lovely setting for the past four years, but didn't feel settled there. When they called me in, the yard felt foreign, overwhelming and more than a bit scary!

We began working with a combination of the Golden Yarrow crew doing major land moving and installation of trees and shrubs and the family making forays into to yard with greater and greater confidence. The first breakthrough was Heidi beginning to understand which plants attracted her. At the same time, Steve and a friend cut down a diseased tree in the middle of the yard. That inspired him to begin clearing out weed saplings in the transitional areas between the yard and woods. Soon Steve was out with the crew moving mountains of bark mulch to cushion a new play area/structure. By the end of the season, Heidi was planting perennials along with the crew and Steve was moving mountains of compost into areas we had marked out.

They now entertain friends outside on a new patio and take walks on pathways cut through the woods surrounding their small neighborhood. One season has transformed their relationship with their outside space from the "unknown" to their playground!

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Sophia Bonnie Wodin