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Our family's relationship with the outside has changed. Now we all enjoy making new gardens and playing outside. And we can do the work ourselves!

Heidi & Steve R.,
Florence, Massachusetts

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Bonnie taught us new, easy ways to make garden beds. She gave us work to do between her visits. The work was fun; the whole family joined in. My husband was amazed at how quickly the yard changed!

Suzanne A.
London, Ontario

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Our walled garden is both sophisticated and serene. It blooms constantly from Spring through Autumn with ever changing textures and colors.

Ken H.
Northampton, Massachusetts

Bonnie created a magical space with surprises around every turn. I always look forward to meandering along the winding stone path through the garden!

Sharon S.
Northampton, Massachusetts

I learned how to care for the flowers I love so much! I had been confused and afraid to cut or change anything. Now I know how to care for my beloved flowers!

Diana L.
Syracuse, New York

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